Sunday, October 21, 2007

Portfolio: Studio Introduction

Brief: The first semester studio assignment was to design an Apple store that reflected the typical programmatic elements that are inherint in Apple stores (i.e. Genius Bar, Monumental Stair feature, kiosks, etc) as well as implementing a new feature element, unique to our personal experiences/observations of an Apple store in the Boston area. The studio began by physically observing an Apple store, and how people interacted in the space and with the products. Through these observations, we created a conceptual/generator diagram. The initial diagram served as the basis of our concept which was further developed in perspective modeling. By developing the project initially in perspective, it focused us on how people inhabit and perceive space and how it effects certain interaction (i.e. shopping). Following our initial studies, we developed the project into a full scale building - and further developed in perspective as well as traditional architectural drawings (i.e. plan section and elevation).

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Portfolio: Concept Statement

Brief: Observing a typical Apple store and how its consumers interact with its products demonstrated that the typical consumer only superficially interacts with its products. The average consumer walks into the store and played on the internet, either checking their email or the scores to a sports game. The consumer never fully realizes or experiences the ease of navaigating through programs on the computer or the full potential of the software that is included (i.e. iLife, iPhoto, etc). The objective is to create centralized locations where the average consumer and/or professionals may interact with the computer and its software on a more personalized level.

Portfoio: Initial Hardcopy Portfolio

The images below represent the hardcopy portfolio pages for the first semester studio project. The layout was produced for initial review/critque for the portfolio submission (later changed to an online format). The goal of the layout was to show the progression of the studio project from inception to the evolution into the final building product.
(The layout was included as a means of supplying additional information on how the project was structured and completed.)

Portfolio: Generator Diagram

The process began by developing a "generator" diagram, a diagram that explores the conceptual statement graphically (see previous posting for concept statement). The diagram depicts units/pods that contain major features/software of the Apple brand located in a central location

-iTunes/Garage Band, iLife, iPhoto, and a misc. area (used for learning/teaching or graphic capabilities).

Portfolio: Intensive Drawings

The drawings/perspectives below depict the work that was produced at the Boston intensive. The drawings produced was a culmination of the work that began as a study in perspective space and relationships of the consumer within a space. The goal was to create a series of pods that the consumer would inhabit that allowed them to interact with the Apple brand on a more intimate level(either the software or the computer itself). The pods themselves were placed within the central core/atrium so that the consumer shopping was not only able to interact with the product itself, but was seen from the sales floor interacting with the Apple brand.

Portfolio: Site/Roof/Floor Plans

The floor plans are arranged so that all of the products are contained around the perimeter of the space, allowing for the pods to be located in the central core/artium. The monumental stair is meant to be a medium for the consumer to interact not only with the open space of the atrium but also the pods and the sales floor at the same time. The consumer has the oppurtunity to occupy any of the pods or leave the stair for the sales floor to purchase any of the products offered.

Roof Plan:

Fifth Floor Plan/typical plans:

First Floor Plan:

Portfolio: Section/Details

The sections show the different relationships throughout the building, the open space of the core/atrium to the spaces/uses of the individual pods to the confined spaces of the thick wall that one must experience prior to entering the pods or the openess of the core/atrium.

Section 1:

Section 2:

Section 3:

Details were produced to help understand the different components of the building and how each relates to the building as a whole.

Feature Element Connection Detail:

Stair Axon:

Stair Detail:

Portfolio: Elevations

The intent of the elevations was to keep a very simple facade that would not detract from Copley Square, yet offer the pederstrians a minimal glimpse into the space inside. The pederstrians at the street would be able to catch a shadow of the inhabitants inside shopping or be able to see the consumer travelling on the monumental stair at the front of the building - creating interest with the building itself and the products contained within.

Front Elevation:

Side Elevation:

Portfolio: Model and Perspectives

Perspectives were produced to simulate the different points of interaction and different views that would be offered to a consumer travelling along the monumental stair.